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Pictured below is a set of abstract urn pendants hand pieced together by a client who lost her son, Jayce. Each piece holds a tiny bit of ash and is fired in a kiln.  
 This style of urn pendant is meant to be completely unique, there is no perfectionism here, only the subtle guidance of character from your loved ones. To get the full effect of healing from your grief , a workshop or memorial event with us is the way to go. However If you’re just to far away  or your just ready to celebrate them in a new way, then when you make your order below tell us some details about who you lost, name, relation, fond memories.   As well as colors, shapes,  sizes, and amount you would like and we’ll send you a follow up email to direct you on where,  how and how much ash to ship. 

Abstract Urn Pendants: Products
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