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Care and FAQ’s

Fragile Box

 Congratulations on your new glass investment !!  We packaged for protection not looks , so more often than not your piece got to you looking like a mummy stacked with cardboard. Shipping glass is tricky , we want to know your glass got to you safely , take a picture,  post it , email us. If by chance your piece arrives broken We do not fix for free , and shipping back and forth two more times is risky , so our advice if there is a crack in you piece upon arival is to fill it with gold (not really ) and live with it .  If the breakage is beyond livable , find a local artist that can fix With out having to ship . Otherwise buyer is responsible for payment of shipping here and back as well as a repair charge : / unfortunately. 


Your stained glass investment is washed and buffed with polish before it leaves our studio, however over time The metals used in stained glass process will naturally oxidize over time  gently rub off spots that are oxidized with a soft cloth , careful not to flip any edges of the solder lines (very fragile). Polish with car wax or You can rub an oil like lemon oil on seams let sit and polish off gently . Your piece will last a lifetime so show it some love from time to time. Stained glass installations are an investment. And as always wash hands after handling and keep out of reach of children.


Hang your glass with care. We don’t recomend the use of thumbtacks, suctionin cups or lean against walls or windows.  Something like an eye and S hook/chain from the ceiling or screw directly on to wall or window frame  from hanging points on your piece.  

Care and FAQ’s: Skills
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