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Our Art Evolution 

Throughout the years working with glass the resilience and fragility always shines though no matter how you change it.  We are a team of 1st and 2nd generation glass artists from New England. We opened a traveling studio known as Holly’s Glass in 2007, hosting workshops for students after school and from there kept that alive with the mantra that anyone can make art , anywhere,  with anything as long as the intention is there with heart and soul. Hollys glass studio evolved into “pain in the glass” when we melted down layers of glass with the ash of our late grandfather. Even in this form he still had so much to give, prior to this experiment his ash sat in a box wrapped in a red velvet cloth high on a shelf, unseen.  For years we were unable to connect with him, unrecognizable, yet  through the glass we were able to let his spirit shine through. We had found a home in change and familiarity. The change was bringing reason into our craft the familirarity was how good it felt to do.  Though it’s not the only thing we’re known for it has become our favorite.  We also make and host work shops and events to make memorial jewelry, or abstract fused art, we love a good commission for a funky stained glass window, We’re always ready to print new placks, and love to get messy with installation mosaics large and small . There are many steps to each method, so take your time to tell us your abstractions in detail and place custom orders with good notice , and everything will come together from there✨

The Story: The Story
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